Protective Relay Testing Equipment

F6150 SV - Secondary Injection Relay Test set

The Doble F6150sv protective relay test equipment is a versatile solution for testing IEC 61850-based protection devices and schemes.

This power system simulator performs the simplest through the most complex tests. The F6150sv has the highest output current of any test set on the market – all within a single box.

Meeting all your testing and budgetary needs, the F6150sv is available in different configurations.

The F6150sv tests IEC 61850-based systems at the process-bus level and station-bus level using both sampled values and GOOSE messages.

F6150 e - Secondary Injection Relay Test set

The Doble F6150e is a versatile protective relay tester for testing relays and schemes.

This power system simulator performs the simplest through the most complex tests. Meeting all your protective relay testing needs, the F6150e is available in different configurations.

Whether you need to test a specific component or test an entire scheme, the F6150e is the proven solution to assess protection system performance.

RFD-200 S3 - Portable Single Phase Relay Test set

The RFD-200 S3 is a portable relay test set that delivers performance verification testing of electromechanical, electronic, and microprocessor-based protective relays in their operating installations. The RFD-200 S3 is a rugged test set suitable for testing a variety of protection relays operated in both indoor
and outdoor environments. The unit’s ergonomic design and intuitive control panel layout make it ideal for first-time users who have little or no training.

PCI 600 - Primary Current Injection Relay Test set

The PCI-600 is a programmable AC high-current source designed specifically for utility-substation applications. This device is well suited for primary injection testing of protective relays. This versatile device can also be used for testing thermal, magnetic, and solid-state motor-protection relays and molded-case circuit-breakers, as well as any application that requires a high-current source.

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