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Vacuum Bottle Tester

Portable Dissolved Gas Analyser

ELPE’s local presence in the region ensures a fast response to customer needs for apparatus condition assessment as well as critical support, increasing the reliability of electric power, planned outages.

EL PE Engineers LLP Established in 1997 offers a team of highly experienced engineering specialists who provide solutions for electrical apparatus condition assessment of high-voltage substation and generator plants including motor, rotating plant, switchgear, transformer, HV series capacitor, cable, and network equipment taking place in the fields of energy production, transmission, distribution, and in the industry.


Transformer Testing
Automatic Cap & Tan Delta Test Kit • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer • Online Bushing Monitoring • Transformer Turn Ratio Meter
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CT-PT Testing Equipment
EZCT 2000 Current Transformer Test Set • EZCT 2KA Current Transformer Test Set
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Protective Relay Testing Equipment
F6150 SV - Secondary Injection Relay Test set • F6150 e - Secondary Injection Relay Test set • RFD-200 S3 - Portable Single Phase Relay Test set
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Transformer Oil Testing
Online Dissolved Gas Analysis monitor • Portable Dissolved Gas Analysis monitor • Online Portable Moisture in Oil Test kit
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Circuit Breaker Testing Equipment
Circuit Breaker Timing Analyzer • Circuit Breaker Analyzer with DCRM
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Cable Testing Equipment
Portable Cable Fault Locator • Van mounted cable fault locator
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114 , 24 – B Raja Bahadur Mansion 2,
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Mumbai 400023, Maharashtra

Corporate Office

201,2nd Floor, Sahayog Complex,
Near Delux Crossroads, Nizampura,
Vadodara 390002, Gujarat


Tel: 0265 – 2575343-350
Email: info@elpe.in, sales@elpe.in