About us

EL PE Engineers LLP Established in 1997 offers a team of highly experienced engineering specialists who provide solutions for electrical apparatus condition assessment of high-voltage substation and generator plants including motor, rotating plant, switchgear, transformer, HV series capacitor, cable, and network equipment taking place in the fields of energy production, transmission, distribution, and in the industry.

EL PE Engineers LLP has blend of experienced and skilled engineers hailing from various parts of the country, which are backed by a world-class in house testing and commissioning equipment. Our Wide Geographical coverage backed with a strong support team ensures timely after sales support. The company is also equipped with world class equipment for testing and measurements used for Power Industries.

EL PE Engineers LLP is an exclusive representative of Doble Engineering Co, a Boston based company with 97 years’ experience in the field of Condition Monitoring of Large High Value EHV Electrical assets, promoting the latest techniques of Asset Management.


Doble Engineering Equipment’s & products are now in service in over 97 countries throughout the world, and are approved nationally and internationally by public utilities and private users. Doble have welcomed Vanguard Instruments Company as the newest addition to Doble Engineering Company and offers a wide range of diagnostic test equipment that accurately and efficiently measures the health of critical substation equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and protective relays.

Doble also welcomed Morgan Schaffer as a new subsidiary, expanding Doble’s existing dissolved gas analysis capabilities through new test and monitoring equipment, software, and laboratory services. Both acquisitions highlight Doble’s continued commitment to providing customers with best-in-class diagnostic solutions and services.

From specialized equipment through comprehensive diagnostic solutions, our customers can now choose from a complete range of rugged and reliable equipment to test the health of their critical assets.”


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Registered Office

114 , 24 – B Raja Bahadur Mansion 2,
Ambalal Doshi Marg, Fort,
Mumbai 400023, Maharashtra

Corporate Office

201,2nd Floor, Sahayog Complex,
Near Delux Crossroads, Nizampura,
Vadodara 390002, Gujarat


Tel: 0265 – 2575343-350
Email: info@elpe.in, sales@elpe.in